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What We Do

Creating Cyber-Physical Future of Urban Mobility using Intelligent Technologies & Mathematics

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Blockchain framework for Smart Mobility Data-Markets (BSMD) with a focus on cybersecurity and personal privacy.

Machine Learning & Mobility

Developing data-driven model structure and estimation methods for discrete choice analysis.

Smart Mobility

Distributed traffic management system with application in CAV routing, advanced on-demand transit, traffic management, & system optimization.

Urban Flux

Ubiquitous sensors network for sensing multimodal traffic in real-time for complete streets.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Immersive Reality Environment (VIRE) for travel behaviour experiments.

Our Team

Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Disruptive Transportation and Services

Postdoc Research Fellow

PhD Student

PhD Student

PhD Student

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Undergraduate Research Assistant

BSc Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics Graduate, 2020

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Postdoc Research Fellow

Postdoc, 2020

MASc Student

MASc Graduate, 2019

MASc Student

MASc Graduate, 2019

MEng Student

MEng Graduate, 2019

Postdoc Research Fellow

Postdoc, 2019

Visiting graduate student

Visiting researcher, 2019

Senior Postdoc


Recent Publications

Benarbia, T., Axhausen, K., Farooq, B., 2020. Modelling, Relocation and Real-Time Inventory Control of One-Way Electric Cars Sharing Systems in a Stochastic Petri nets framework. .

López, D., Farooq, B., 2020. A multi-layered blockchain framework for smart mobility data-markets. arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.06435.

Alfaseeh, L., Farooq, B., 2020. Multi-Factor Taxonomy of Eco-Routing Models and Future Outlook.

Wong, M., Farooq, B., 2020. A bi-partite generative model framework for analyzing and simulating large scale multiple discrete-continuous travel behaviour data.

Farooq, B., Djavadian, S., 2019. Distributed Traffic Management System with Dynamic End-to-End Routing.

Tu, R., Alfaseeh, L., Djavadian, S., Farooq, B., Hatzopoulou, M., 2019. Quantifying the impacts of dynamic control in connected and automated vehicles on greenhouse gas emissions and urban NO2 concentrations.

Yazdizadeh, A., Patterson, Z., Farooq, B., 2019. Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks for Mode Inference in Smartphone Travel Survey. arXiv preprint arxiv:1904.08933.

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