Tareq Wins Best Research Poster Presentation Award at 2024 CLUE Symposium

May 30, 2024

Tareq Alsaleh received the Best Research Poster Presentation Award at the 3rd annual City Logistics for the Urban Economy (CLUE) Symposium, hosted by the University of Toronto on May 30, 2024. The CLUE Symposium, had representatives from academia, private, and public sectors, and featured over 40 poster presentations from the University of Toronto, McMaster University, York University, and Toronto Metropolitan University. The Symposium was sponsors by the Smart Freight Center, the Mobility Network, the Region of Peel, Purolator, and GEOTAB, among others.

Tareq’s award, under the theme of Electrification and Emission, was for his work on developing a simulation model to analyze the sustainability and resilience of the global supply chain for electric vehicles. His research also included P-hub optimization models for production and sourcing.

Tareq joined LiTrans in September 2022 as a doctoral researcher and works under the supervision of Dr. Bilal Farooq. Tareq broader research focus is on sustainable mobility frameworks towards net-zero transport systems through technology innovation and behavioural change elements.