Amjad Dehman

Amjad Dehman

Senior Researcher

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Amjad Dehman is a traffic and transportation specialist, he obtained his Master and PhD degrees in Transportation Engineering and Planning from Marquette University, State of Wisconsin, USA, and received his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Damascus University. Amjad has over ten years of work experience in transportation, working with private consultants, research institutes, and universities in the USA, EU, and Middle East. His industrial experience comprised different transportation projects, including traffic operations, traffic impact studies, parking analysis, traffic modeling, highway design, and public transit. Influenced by his industrial background, he likes to gear his research works and academic publications towards the industry focusing on practice-ready and applied research works. He has also an extensive teaching experience comprising undergraduate and post-graduate engineering courses. He joined the Laboratory of Innovations in Transportation (Litrans) as a senior researcher and is supervised by Dr. Bilal Farooq. His current research efforts focus on traffic management and operations at smart work zones with the aim to enhance traffic flow performance at work zones by deploying the capabilities of smart systems, smart vehicles, and their data. He likes sports and traveling, it is very difficult for him to get bored by any of the two!

Research Interests

  • Traffic Operations and Management

  • Highway Capacity and Quality of Service

  • Driver Behavior

  • Transit Systems

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