Kimia, Saba, and Ella Awarded 2023 TMGS Scholarship

August 10, 2023

Toronto Met Graduate Scholarship (TMGS) is a highly competitive scholarship awarded every year to top-performing graduate students of Toronto Metropolitan University. In 2023, Kimia Kamal, Saba Sabet, and Ella Sherafat, Ph.D. students at LiTrans, received the TMGS scholarship.

Kimia’s research interests include travel behaviour analysis, causal analysis of human decisions and pedestrian and autonomous vehicle interaction. She mainly explores how the combination of econometrics frameworks, machine learning algorithms, and causal inference techniques impact travel behaviour analysis.

Saba’s research is focused on designing a carbon credit market with blockchain technology to incentivize sustainable transportation practices and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, she is exploring different decarbonization pathways and developing tools to help policymakers make informed decisions about achieving transportation decarbonization goals.

Ella’s field of research is the application of Artificial Intelligence in Transportation and smart cities. She is currently working on human and robot interaction in shared urban areas.