Smart Work Zone Traffic Management project successfully completed

February 02, 2022

Researcher: Amjad Dehman, PhD

Supervisor: Bilal Farooq, PhD, PEng

About the Project

Work zones on highways impose contraction in the available roadway space creating adverse traffic mobility and safety impacts. On the other hand, new technologies have made it possible to collect and manage smart traffic data by deploying smart traffic sensors and cameras. This research project explored new techniques for managing traffic at highway work zone locations using smart systems, smart data, and smart vehicles. The project included three main studies or themes as outlined below and supported by links guiding to corresponding papers and presentations.

Evaluating Work Zone Traffic Performance Measures Using Traffic Surveillance Systems (Presentation)

Are Work Zone and Connected Automated Vehicles Ready for a Harmonious Coexistence? (Published in Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies)

Capacity Characteristics of Long-Term Work Zones on Signalized Intersection Approaches (Presented at 101st TRB AM)

About the Researcher

Dr. Amjad Dehman is a transportation specialist, he obtained his Master and PhD degrees in Transportation Engineering and Planning from Marquette University, State of Wisconsin, US. Dr. Dehman has over ten years of work experience comprising different types of transportation studies, including traffic operations, traffic impact and parking studies, connected and automated vehicles, and intelligent transportation systems.

About the Host and Partners

This project extended over two years starting in February 2020 and was hosted at Laboratory of Innovations in Transportation (LiTrans), Department of Civil Engineering, Ryerson University under the supervision of Dr. Bilal Farooq. The project was awarded the Mitacs Elevate program grant, which was funded by the Government of Canada and Lazaret Capital Inc. Several industrial partners assisted and supported this research project including Lazaret Capital (funding, project management), Stinson ITS (data access support, networking), and Safe Roads Engineering (technical support, supervision).