Dr. Alsaleh appointed Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of Toronto

January 11, 2023

Dr. Nael Alsaleh worked at LiTrans as a PhD student from September 2019 to December 2022. Throughout his doctoral studies, Dr. Alsaleh focused primarily on investigating different aspects of on-demand transit (ODT) systems in the context of low-density areas. In particular, he examined travel demand patterns, established travel demand models, and evaluated the sustainability of several designs as well as identified demand-switching points between them. In January 2023, Dr. Alsaleh joined the Mobility Network at the University of Toronto as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the field of electric and autonomous vehicle planning. In his new role, Dr. Alsaleh will work with Professor Eric Miller to investigate the potential influence of various zero-occupant vehicle operating strategies on network congestion, the environment, and parking demand. This research project is intended to assist the City of Toronto in developing its Automated Vehicles Tactical Plan and upcoming Micromobility Strategy.