Call for Participants: Behavioural Analysis in AVs using Immersive VR

July 08, 2019

We are looking for volunteers to participate in an immersive virtual reality based experiments to understand human behaviour when travelling in autonomous vehicles.

This is a call for participants to be involved in an exciting interdisciplinary transmedia project which seeks to use virtual reality to explore the interactions of drivers with autonomous vehicles.

The Laboratory of Innovations in Transportation (LiTrans) has developed a virtual reality environment which uses an immersive head mounted device, with motion and touch sensors to measure comfort and stress levels in a number of experimental settings. Participants will be asked to navigate and drive through the immersive virtual reality environment in multiple scenarios. The total time of the experiment will take approximately 30 minutes. A questionnaire survey must be completed online before and after participating in the experiment.


  • Older than 18 years old

  • Must have a driver’s license of Class G2 and above

  • No history of head, eye, brain, or heart illness

  • No feelings of nausea or fatigue when playing video games or using immersive technology

If interested, or have questions regarding this experiment, please contact Dr. Shadi Djavadian at For more information regarding the research, please contact Dr. Bilal Farooq at