LiTrans welcomed Hyaw and Elizabeth in December 2023 and January 2024

February 29, 2024

We recently welcomed two new members to the LiTrans family, Hyaw and Elizabeth. We congratulate Alemtsehay, the proud mother of Hyaw and Tareq, the proud father of Elizabeth for the new arrivals.

“After many ups and downs and a long journey from Ethiopia, I joined LiTrans TMU in October 2023. When I joined Litrans I was pregnant and on December 28, 2023, I welcomed my newborn baby Hyaw Goitom to our family. I thank God, my supervisor Dr. Bilal Farooq and Scholar Rescue Fund Institute of International Education for supporting me to continue my career at TMU and with my accompanying family,” says Alemtsehay.

“Introducing Elizabeth Nora Al Saleh, or ‘Lizzie’ as we like to call her. Lizzie made her grand entrance on January 15th, 2024, in Toronto just four days shy of stealing the birthday spotlight from her dad. Lucky Lizzie was born Canadian with a mix of British, Jordanian, and Macedonian heritage. Lizzie is already gearing up for a life of adventure across her homelands. In her early days of exploring the world, Lizzie has shown a clear preference for the stroller as a mode of travel, convinced its the way to go about her world tour like no other,” says Tareq.

We wish both parents a great time with their newborns and hope that soon, both kids will get involved in the lab’s research!